The programming at Kate’s Korner is unique and speaks to a child’s innovative and creative mind. We offer project-based learning that includes:
  • Quality Care for 6 weeks to 24 months

  • Safe Separate Learning Area 

  • Large Motor Skill Development

  • Safe Separate Learning Area


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Project/Activity Based Programming

  • The Arts (dance, theater, design, painting, storytelling, writing and illustration)

  • STEM, (Robotics, Coding, Agriculture, Architecture)​

  • Sports (Basketball, T-Ball, Soccer, Flag Football) 

  • Language Immersion (Spanish, Mandarin and French) 

  • Yoga/Palates/Meditation

  • Small groups (2-5years, 5-7years & 7-10 years)

2-10 Year Old

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  • Tech Camp (robotics, coding, agriculture)

  • Art Camp (visual, written, theatre, music)

  • Sports (soccer, basketball, yoga, t-ball)

Summer/Track-Out Camps

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  • Birthday Parties

  • Preschool Graduations

  • Little League Team Parties

Private Events

Colorful Balloons