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Running Children

Running Children

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Serving as the catalyst of educational justice, Kate's Korner nurtures the gifts of children, building access to equitable learning experiences powered by the strength of our community. By eliminating barriers, our children are empowered by the positive identity that stems from being seen, heard, understood and celebrated.

 Our work is more than providing a safe and clean space. It's
securing equipment and resources to provide our students with the tools necessary to succeed. We follow a whole-child
concept of support, protecting and nurturing their social,
emotional, physical and academic needs and gift.





The Founder:
Kate’s Korner Drop-In Childcare Center was created by Kezia Goodwin, a 30-year veteran in early childhood education management.  Prominent leading companies have had the pleasure of Kezia’s commitment and leadership as she has served in the roles of educator, district trainer, director and district manager. Kezia’s passion for building culturally competent learning environments and doing the right thing by and for children is unmeasurable! Her joy in building organic relationships with parents and educators is her secret sauce for satisfied families and low staff turnover.

The Program:

Kate’s Korner will focus on building culturally competent early and school-aged learners by providing environments of inclusion and celebration of your child’s unique gifts and talents!

The Kate’s Korner curriculum is designed specifically for drop-in childcare! So no matter if your stay is for 2 hours or 8, your child is guaranteed to have an amazing experience!

Our curriculum is a groundbreaking, project-based, STEAM curriculum that includes agriculture! There are 12 exciting monthly themes that are geared for children to work together, solve together and grow together!   

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