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The Durham Public Schools Volunteer Medical Corps will perform health checks of all individuals upon arrival for temperatures and evident symptoms. They will ask screening questions, manage social distancing during school arrival and help manage PPE. Most important they will stay with sick children, and share COVID-related resources with parents as well as assist Bull City CoLabs in communicating any cases to local health authorities

The safety of both students and staff in our program is our first priority. The following measures are in place:

  • Students will be in groups of 10 to 12 per classroom.

  • Students will stay together as a group the entire day with the same staff members.

  • Scheduled cleaning of high-touch areas will occur throughout the day.

  • No visitors will be admitted.

  • A daily check-in will include taking staff and students' temperatures and asking a series of health questions before staff and students enter the building.

  • Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings throughout the day.

  • The physical distancing of at least six feet will be supported.




All students participating in our program will receive breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Meals will be served to students in their assigned rooms to reduce exposure. We respect dietary inclusivity, and will prepare for all necessary restrictions and allergies In an effort to protect those with severe food allergies, peanuts as well as tree nuts are not permitted at the facility.

Enhanced Health Precautions

There will be frequently scheduled cleaning and disinfection of high-touch, high-traffic areas and daily, overnight thorough cleaning.

If your child needs to take medication during the day, please bring the medication with your child’s name on it and in the original prescription bottle. If over the counter medication, directions from the doctor for administering should be attached.  

Children will wash hands upon arrival, before and after lunch, before and after going outside of their classroom and other times deemed necessary

Shared areas such as restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day by our janitorial team.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 

We assist children in managing self awareness, self regulation, and social awareness in our safe learning environment. Social-emotional learning (SEL), encompasses several skills essential to your learner's growth and development.