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The Learning Environment:


  • Flexible Seating: We offer different spaces that support different postures and movements such as sitting at a desk or table, standing at a table, or sitting on the floor.

  • Meditation Rooms: Meditation rooms are an oasis of calm that is available at all times during the day. Students have the opportunity to self-refer to the meditation room, or staff may encourage or suggest that a student take time to calm down, and emotionally self-regulate. We’ve allotted one meditation room per grade-band; allowing only one student in the space at a time.

  • Whitespace: Place chart paper around the room for students to use if they need a larger non-virtual space to work on assignments.

  • Learning Toolkits: Each student will be supplied with a learning toolkit box that will hold: fun activity packs, games, art supplies, other supportive materials.

  • Study Pod Dividers: Each student will be supplied with  a study pod  

divider (tri-fold desk dividers)

  • Personal Storage Space for Each child’s personal belongings

​What We Offer:

  • Academic Learning assistance and weekly progress monitoring

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack (family style dining)

  • Fast and Safe Wi-Fi

  • Health and Safety (students will be screened for temperature checks and required to wear masks).

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing

Enrichments Include:

  • Intro to Computer coding 

  • Visual Arts

  • Thematic Virtual Field-Trips

  • Academic Intervention: Math, Reading, and Writing

  • Parent Support Services (one-a month; virtual and in-person)